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Updating sql database from an array

You can define collection types in a procedure, function, or package.You can pass collection variables as parameters to stored subprograms.For database connectors and API that don't have multi-row insert support these are translated internally as multiple single row inserts.create table REGIONS (REGION_NAME varchar(32) NOT NULL, ZIPS varchar32 ARRAY[10] NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (REGION_NAME)); insert into REGIONS values( 'Northwest', ''); insert into REGIONS values( 'Southwest', ''); Prepared Statement pstmt = con.prepare Statement( "insert into REGIONS (region_name, zips) " "VALUES (? )"); String(1, "North East"); Array(2, north East Region); pstmt.execute Update(); objects remain valid for at least the duration of the transaction in which they are created.Here is an alternative approach that only supports single dimension string arrays.It uses the csv parser lib to do the parsing after a bit of preprocessing.This could potentially result in an application running out of resources during a long running transaction.

It is easier to deal with object-wrappers than string-parsing a raw SQL-query.

The current document is a part of the Creating a CRUD Application in the Net Beans IDE for PHP tutorial.

My SQL users: Click here to download the source code that reflects the project state after the previous lesson is completed.

The cases are distinguished by the Server Request method through which the data is transferred.

GET indicates that the form is displayed when the user first gets to the page by pressing Edit Wish.

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Example: This is a type of SELECT query that allows you select data from multiple tables in one query.

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