Updating old versions of ubuntu

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Below you see a screenshot of the dialog window in the installer that offers that dangerous method. By default, the Ubuntu installer doesn't create a separate home partition. The easiest way to save your Firefox bookmarks is from within Firefox itself: Bookmark button - down below: Show All Bookmarks - change "Import and Backup" to "Export...." Copy the exported file to your USB memory stick. Use the shortcut (key combination) (as well as the account settings of Thunderbird and the address book). If you have an existing separate home partition, then give that the mount point "/home" (without the quotation marks). If I call "git pull" now I get a message that I have to specify the branch ... It installs and switches to the version you specify, or just switches if you already have it installed.---- All Firefox releases: *https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ You could try updating your distro (canonical) version of Firefox but IIRC the version of Ubuntu you appear to be on 8.04 LTS (Lucid) may not offer official upgrades of Firefox (or presumably other software such as Open Office/Libre Office).

I am wondering where I can get the repository list for this version?

The other alternative is to install Mozilla Firefox. For comparison and evaluation purposes I also run several versions of Mozilla Firefox. You will first have to make sure that you meet the System Requirements (GTK and GLib) for the current Firefox version.

* An older ESR version: * ----- You may have to update to a more recent Ubuntu version to get the required libraries.

Expect a write-up next month, when 11.04 is officially released.

Many users won’t notice any changes, however, because they’ll keep using their older version of Ubuntu.

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