Phpbb3 version not updating acp updating internet explorer 6 to 7

Posted by / 10-Sep-2016 08:50

Phpbb3 version not updating acp

Normally if things aren't working, I try to upload all the files again and then try again.I'm not sure that is the problem here, but I'll keep exploring.Issue: Using the Admin username/password, I cannot access the Administrator Control Panel (ACP) of php BB version 3.

So the question is, will the core be remaining clean php/html?

I then navigated to the ACP administrative control panel, selected customize, and the phpbb-SEO extension is now visible.

I clicked enable and navigated to the phpbb-SEO tab.

I set it up how I wanted, mostly default settings, but added mysql rewriting and advanced SEO mod.

I also activated the Zero Duplicate mod in the settings at the bottom.

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