Dating couples from biggest loser

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Contestants Antoine Dove and Alexandra White fell for each other during the eighth season of "The Biggest Loser." During the dramatic weigh-in on the finale of the show, the pair got engaged on national television, when Dove dropped to one knee and popped the question to his very shocked girlfriend.

"I turned to food for comfort."I was a skinny teenager, even though I ate whatever I wanted and never exercised.

The best part: Dan first appeared on an earlier season of TBL and would never have met Rebecca had he not decided to give it another try and work off the weight—hence, he returned in season 8.Alexandra and Antoine: Like we mentioned, these two found each other in the most recent season.While they entered the ranch overweight, Antoine impressively lost more than 50 percent of his original body weight.In September 2011, a little less than a year after Poueu proposed at the show's ranch in Calabasas, Calif., he fell 54 feet from a friend's roof deck and suffered multiple serious injuries.Anderson stayed by his SIDE during the grueling recovery, and they married the next summer.

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My mom is a petite woman — she's always weighed 105 pounds — and I expected it would be the same for me.

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