Dating a friends father

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Dating a friends father

Her friends and her school were here; she is also closer to me than her mother.

Now that your daughter is in college, you and she should develop separate orbits where you can each grow and change and have differentiated private lives.” Or, in other words, you shouldn’t date your daughter’s friend just because your daughter says it’s okay. Or, as Amy put it, “The extreme age difference isn’t necessarily morally wrong — it’s just terminally dumb.” What do you think?

We spent the whole night talking and had our first date before we even realized who the other one was.

Well, I think age is nothing when it comes to love. She is refusing to attend the wedding or come to any holidays where we could be together.

Several commenters blasted the friend for the inappropriate relationship, calling him 'perverted'.

And one pointed out that he would be worried about how long the friend had been 'lusting after' his teenager daughter, and questioned if the relationship had been going on secretly for quite some time.

I was uncomfortable, too, with the idea that my only daughter was marrying a man so much older than she was. 'And if I had, I would never have imagined becoming romantically involved with him when I was an adult,' she says.

But one was faced with an extra dilemma after discovering that his teenage daughter has embarked on a relationship with his 40-year-old best friend.

Reddit user Kommander Tom asked fellow users what he should do about the unconventional pairing, and fellow posters warned him that he should be very concerned and urged him to find out when the relationship first began.

My daughter suggested that I ask her friend out and said that her friend would say yes. I like the girl, and I certainly find her attractive. — Divorced Dad that you like “the girl” but you know what’s not in any way appropriate or considerate?

I have always dated older men and I am now 29 so it is not some creepy 21 with 80 year old story.

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