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If you’re on another medication routine then you may have more time and freedom to choose the right moment.

If you inject then it’s a good idea to explain your need to inject at a convenient time as some people may be squeamish about needles.

Also, he was so casual about it, explaining as he administered his insulin shot at the table why he had to take insulin, how it brought down his blood glucose levels and giving me the background.

My heart ached for the three-year-old version of himself that received this diagnosis.

We settled on the sofa to watch one of two movies – his favourite (Old School) and my favourite (Kill Bill), munching and sipping away at the sugar-free drink. I remember focusing more on the proximity of his body to mine than on the scenes playing off on the box in front of us!

Between movies we decided to head across the road for a pizza and a glass of wine.

We run through some of things you may want to consider when making the most of your dating experience with diabetes.

Diabetes and Relationships: My Man, His Insulin Pen, and I I remember our first date.

He showed up at my place clutching a bag of pretzels and a 2 liter bottle of Coke Light. ” I thought to myself – now here’s a man after my own heart!

When you decide to tell your date about your diabetes will be partly influenced by your personal preference and may be influenced by your medication regime.

If you’re on insulin, or otherwise susceptible to hypoglycemia, it’s a good idea to let your date know about your diabetes early on.

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He didn’t know if he could handle her having a low blood sugar during their time together, and he worried that his own fear of needles would make him too squeamish to deal with the day-to-day aspects of diabetes care.