Avg icon shows updating

Posted by / 01-Jul-2016 15:23

Avg icon shows updating

This happens at least once a day, and quite often more than once a day.

In previous Windows versions such as Windows 7, selecting the option to notify us before downloading and installing updates used to work without any problem.

It does not happen every day, maybe once a week or so.

When I boot up the system and the desktop loads, I noticed that all (6 ) of my security (AVG, ZA, Spy Bot etc.) program icons in the system tray notification area (next to the clock) don't load.

After downloading the free AVG Anti-Virus program, the Action Center tray icon shows a warning that the Windows Firewall is not turned on.

After checking Windows Firewall settings through Control Panel, this message appears: "Windows Firewall is turned off or set up incorrectly." If I click to turn the Windows Firewall back on, the Action Center warning disappears.

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If it shows ‘Update now’ , click the button and the AVG software will download and install any available updates.

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